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Moin moin recipe

Step 1: measure the desired quantity of beans and soak in clean water for 5-10minutes.

Step 2: wash thoroughly with two hands until the beans husk is completely off.

Step 3: blend washed beans in a blender with little water until smooth.
Optional ( you may add onions, crayfish, rodo(scotch bonnet) and/or Shombo (cayenne) .

Step 4: scoop blended beans into a bowl , add desired seasoning to taste and turn with a kitchen spoon until fluffy.

Step 5: for Akara( beans cakes) using medium heat on a gas cooker or stove, fry using your desired oil. Turn at intervals until both sides show light brown or golden colour.

For moin moin, pour blended beans into a bowl, add desired oil and seasoning to taste, mix until fluffy. Scoop into either moin moin leaves or moin moin tins. Put in pot , cover and steam for about 45 minutes to 1hour. Check at intervals to ensure there is enough water.